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Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix

Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix

The Ben 10 wrist game taken to the max!

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A gadget straight from the Ben 10 TV Series

Ben Tennyson discovered his Omnitrix watch in an abandoned alien spaceship in the forest during a summer camping trip. You don’t have to go around walking in the woods in pursuit of your very own Omnitrix helping you transform into an alien and help fight evil and crime – it now comes in a box and gets delivered straight to your door!

Ben 10

Just as in the Ben 10 anime TV series, you too can have extraterrestrial powers and turn yourself into an alien superhero. By a turn of the dial you can select aliens on your little LCD screen and find just the right ones to do the job and defeat the enemy. The watch also plays sounds and performs light effects that are familiar from the TV show.

Who's got the most Omnitrix points?

Beware – time is ticking away so you only have a few moments to make up your mind and choose the right alien hero to fight the battle. Collect bonus points and master your skills to be really the most powerful Omnitrix-holder in your neighbourhood!

Ben 10 Watch Deluxe - Tech Specs

  • Size: 195 x 280 x 70 cm
  • Weight: 241g (in box)
  • Deluxe Omnitrix watch known from the Ben 10 animated TV show.
  • Choose an alien to fight crime and evil.
  • Aliens appear full size on the small LCD Screen with sound and light effects that are familiar from the TV show.
  • Requires two AAA batteries (not included).
  • Age: 4 +, by Bandai.
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Ben 10
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