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Legi Agents Mission Command Centre

Lego Mobile Command Centre

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Keep Dr Inferno aboard the Command Center

When you open the huge box and see the vast amount of Lego toys inside, you know you’re in the serious business of building up a magnificent mobile command center. That work in itself holds so much fun and will keep you occupied for hours – if not days! And the fun is far from over, once you’ve managed to put it all together! No way, that’s when the fun starts.

Dr InfernoAccording to the legend there’s a very evil man locked up in your command centre jail – Dr. Inferno. However, as it is usually the case with great evil, there’s more to it than meets the eye. His henchmen are coming to set him free and they're bringing not just their hover-jet but all their clever manipulative ideas how to create as much havoc as possible. 

Thank goodness then that you are not just by yourself! You will have some pretty resourceful little agents working for you, plus all the little gadgets and weapons in the HQ. Agent Chase, Agent Fuse, Agent Charge and Agent Trace come in impressive minifigures. Mobile Command PlaneIn the hich-tech truck where Inferno’s prison-cell is located there’s also an intel center, complete with laptops and a light-up projector, weapons bay, loading crane, tool shop, not to mention a plane, jet boat with skis and two cars! Apparently there’re even missiles and blasters... but they’re hidden, so you have to find them first!

What has six legs and a rocket launcher?

In addition to Dr Inferno’s minifigure which, by the way, comes with a robotic arm, there are also figures for his followers – Gold Tooth and Spy Clops. You think you can beat them? Well, Spy Clops has six legs and a rocket launcher, so you might want to think it through.

Price Comparison Table

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Amazon Lego Agents Command Centre £279.00 £5.23 £284.23 In Stock (In Stock) Visit Shop
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Lego Mobile Command Centre - Tech Specs

Dimensions: Truck and trailer are 50 cm long and 15 cm high. Weight (in a box): 2.5 kg.

  • Mobile Command Center hidden inside a huge trailer truck.
  • 4 vehicles come with the truck: plane, jet boat (with skis) and two cars.
  • There are 7 minifigures – four agents and three criminals.
  • You will also find a prison-cell, intel center, loading crane and much more aboard the mobile center.
  • All equipment and tools included.
  • Age: 8+, by Lego
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