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About Us

Well, you won't find any big corporations here. There's no supercomputers, water coolers or dress down fridays at DVD Collections. It's pretty much a one man band operation.

Early Days

I started designing DVD Collections in September 2006 as a one page website for the James Bond Ultimate Editions Attache Case.

Back then there was no price comparison, no other box sets, just a single page which I worked on in my spare time after work.

Deep in the Amazon

Like many others with their own websites I heard about the Amazon Associates program and how it pays a small comission if a customer buys an Amazon product after clicking on a link from your website (there's no extra cost to the customer).

So I designed the Bond page with a simple link to Amazon for anyone who wanted to buy it. I slowly got some comissions and gradually added some more pages and some more box sets.

Gradually over time the site has grown to include a DVD search that searches a database of almost every UK dvd release, a dvd bargain forum, a top 100 dvds list and quite few more dvd box sets.

Future Plans

In February 2007 I decided to quit my job to work on the site pretty much full time while working on a couple of other smaller sites too.

So I'm planning on making this the best UK site for finding out information on dvds and finding where to get them at the lowest prices with as little frustration as possible for visitors along the way.

Enough about me, what about you?

As much as I love films and dvds my knowledge is limited to my own likes and areas of interest. So if you are a collector of dvds, have a passion for films or tv series and would like to become involved in some way on the website then it would be great to hear from you.

As well as expanding the dvd forum I'm planning on starting a review section and dvd news part to the site with a blog-like feel to it. It would be great to have some enthusiastic contributors on board.


So lastly thanks to everyone who's used the site so far while it's still been finding its feet and I hope you continue to find it more and more useful and an enjoyable place to find dvds.

All the best!