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Heroes - Season 1 Complete Region 1 Box Set
Heroes Complete Season 1 DVD

US Release (Region 1) - Released August 28th 2007

Doesn't the UK region 2 Heroes box set seem a little on the expensive side?

Well, Heroes fans, the answer is to get the US region 1 version as it's been dropping in price across the pond and is much cheaper than the region 2 version, scroll down for the current price!

This will play fine on any multiregion DVD player, if you're not sure if your player is region free then you may be able to make it so - check DVD Hacks for more info.

So for Heroes fans not blessed with almighty prudence this is a great chance to own the Heroes Series 1 (7 disc set) while the rest of the UK spends much more!

Heroes Complete Season 1 DVD

DVD Extras for Heroes Complete Series 1...

  • 7 Disc DVD Box Set
  • All 23 Episodes from Season 1
  • 73 minute Unaired Pilot
  • The Making of Heroes Documentary
  • Special Effects & Stunts Documentaries
  • Matt Parkman’s Mind Reading Tests
  • Profile of Artist Tim Sale
  • 50 Deleted and Extended Scenes

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