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Heroes - Season 1 Complete HD DVD Box Set
Heroes Complete Season 1 DVD

UK Release - Released December 10th, 2007

If ever there was a TV series box set that lent itself to the HD treatment it has to be Heroes Series 1.

A show as visually thrilling as its storylines and plot twists are mesmerising Heroes deserves to be watched with all the richness of full high definition.

The Heroes HD-DVD brings a whole host of interactive extras not available on the standard DVD set.

There's almost 3 hours of HD-DVD Extras...

  • 71 minute pilot episode!
  • Interactive Character Connections feature
  • The Helix revealed: more on the hidden Helix symbol
  • The Making of Heroes Documentary
  • Profile of the Heroes artwork with Tim Sale
  • Heroes Ability Test
  • Web enabled download centre

As the HD-DVD format is currently region free you can also order the US version cheaper below.

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Heroes - Season 1 Complete HD DVD Box Set
Heroes Complete Season 1 DVD

US Release (Region Free) - Released August 28th 2007

The great thing about HD DVDs is that unlike regular DVDs they're not region locked. This opens the doors to buying the US version of Heroes on HD DVD as it's just been released while we're still waiting on a UK release date to be announced.

So for Heroes fans not blessed with almighty patience this is a great chance to own the Heroes Series 1 (7 disc set) in all its high definition glory!

As well as all the Heroes extras you get in the standard DVD box set you also get the following features exclusive to the Heroes HD-DVD version...

  • Picture-in-Picture Video Commentary
  • Interactive Character Profiles
  • Discover the hidden Helix symbol
  • Heroes Ability Test
  • Web enabled download centre

Check out DVD Active for some great pictures and more info on the Heroes HD DVD.

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