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Doctor Who Series 3 Complete DVD Box Set

Doctor Who Series 3 dvdRelease Date - 5th November 2007

David Tennant returns for his second series as the Doctor while Freema Agyeman takes on the new role of Martha Jones.

Keeping up the BBC Dr Who DVD tradition, the Dr Who Series 3 box set is expertly designed with a great attention to detail and is generous with its extras.

The third outing of Doctor Who comes with 6 discs and features all 13 episodes from the third series as well as The Runaway Bride 2006 Christmas special.

Episodes: 1. Smith and Jones, 2. The Shakespeare Code, 3. Gridlock , 4. Daleks in Manhattan, 5. Evolution of the Daleks, 6. The Lazarus Experiment, 7. 42, 8. Human Nature, 9. The Family of Blood, 10. Blink, 11. Utopia, 12. The Sound of Drums, 13. Last of the Timelords.

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Doctor Who
Series 1-4 Box Sets

Buy both sets bundled together at BBC Shop or check out our dedicated page at the links below for the best prices and episode guides from the first two series.

Doctor Who Series 1 DVD: Starring Christopher Eccleston. The return of the Doctor in the 2005 series of 'Doctor Who' featuring a smart and mischievous Doctor and his assistant Rose on their incredible journeys through time and space.

Doctor Who Series 2 DVD: David Tennant (Casanova, Blackpool, Quatermass Experiment, Harry Potter) steps into the role of the Doctor for the second series of Doctor Who. A fantastic box set containing all 13 stories from the series.

Doctor Who Series 3 DVD:David Tennant returns in fine form with Freema Agyeman playing the Doctor's latest companion, Martha Jones. Also lovingly designed this Doctor Who box set contains all 13 stories from the series and The Runaway Bride.

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Doctor Who - Series 3 - Volume 2

Series 3 - Volume 2

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Doctor Who Complete Series 3 Limited Edition
Lenticular Mister Saxon/Master Sleeve

Doctor Who Series 3 Limited EditionLimited Edition - Released 27th November 2007

This limited edition Doctor Who Series 3 Box Set is exclusive to and it conatins the same DVDs and extras as is in the regular box set above.

What you get extra is a shimmering, 3D lenticular effect cover design with a message from the Mr Saxon the master (John Simm) complete with his usual humble demeanour.

As well as the Mister Saxon master sleeve there's also an exlusive image in the brochure inside.

Already selling well (ust outside Amazon's top 30 box sets at time of writing) especially considering it's not released until November 27th. We don't know exactly how limited this edition is but probably best not to leave it too late if you've got you're heart set on this version.

Now out of stock at Amazon and only available through Amazon Marketplace sellers.