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PoGo Instant Photo Printer

The Polaroid mobile photo printer is the fun and easy way to print directly from your camera phone or digital camera while on the move.

What is the Polaroid PoGo?

An instant photo printer that needs no computers or cables to print directly from your phone or camera.

Yes Polaroid's back in the instant photo printing world and this time they're hoping to do for digital photo printing what their Polaroid cameras did for instant prints in decades past.

The Polaroid PoGo uses a brand new inkless printing technology called Zink to churn out prints in less than a minute from your chosen device.

The PoGo will connect to your mobile phone using Bluetooth or to your Pictbridge compatible digital camera.

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Polaroid PoGo Technical Stuff

The Laser Cosmos gadget facts

Here's the mobile printer's specifications for more detailed info you can download the Polaroid Pogo Manual, Brochure and Warranty Info directly from the Polaroid PoGo official website.

  • 12cm height x 7.2cm wide x 2.35cm depth
  • Connects via Bluetooth (Class 2) OPP and USB 2.0
  • Prints image within 60 seconds of sending
  • Borderdless images with an adhesive backing.
  • Uses ink free printing technology.
  • Rechargable 7.2V Lithium-ion battery.
  • AC Adapter - 9V Output.

ZINK - Inkless Photo Paper
Well ZINK (which stands for zero ink) is a new kind of photo paper developed by Polaroid that somehow manages to not use any ink! If you want to read how Polaroid have managed this then their site explains it much better than we can.

You can buy the Polaroid PoGo photo paper (with the adhesive backing) at each of the links in the price comparison table above.

Polaroid Photo Printer with Digital Camera

Polaroid Pogo Diagram

Polaroid PoGo Video

Video demonstration of the PoGo Instant Photo Printer unboxed

Watch this video of the Polaroid PoGo to find out exactly what you get in the box when your new instant printer arrives.

See in real time how long it takes to print a picture from a USB connected camera.

For all the pros and cons of the photo printer check out Tracy & Matt's Polaroid PoGo review.

The Missing Polaroid Effect

Why digital cameras need an instant photo printer

We're big fans of the old school Polaroid Instant Camera and recently bought a couple to give as birthday gifts. It was amazing how much everyone wanted to use it at the party, eager to see the finished pictures as they developed and work out who looked the funniest.

With the age of digital photography something of the fun of sharing a picture straight away with friends has been lost as great pictures often get stored away in a forgotten about folder on a computer.

The Fun Of Instant Photo Prints
This new mobile photo printer from Polaroid might not compete with top level photo printers but what it does give you is that sense of fun from sharing your photos wherever you are with friends and family.

Show us another printer that's no bigger than a mobile phone and produces photo prints that you can stick onto whatever you fancy a minute after you took it!

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PoGo Photo Printer