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The Life Collection Box Set
David Attenborough

Life Collection DVD Box SetDavid Attenborough is one of the world's most respected naturalists, and this epic Life Collection encapsulates the very best of his unique talents. Spanning over a quarter of a century and 24 discs with 60 hours of footage, the Life Collection takes you to every corner of the globe as David Attenborough explores the rich and diverse forms that life has evolved into.

  • The Life of Birds
  • Trials of Life
  • Life in the Freezer
  • The Life of Mammals
  • The Private Life of Plants
  • The Living Planet
  • Life On Earth
  • Life In The Undergrowth

From the silent majesty of the blue whale to the miniature dramas of insect life, the Life Collection Box set is full of astonishing and arresting sequences that are sure to stay with you forever.

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