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Laser Cosmos

Laser Cosmos Stars Projector


Laser Stars for your room

Ever wish you could capture the feeling of camping under a star filled night sky without leaving the comfort of your bedroom?

Well the Laser Cosmos Projector can make those bedroom walls melt away as a mix of laser sharp stars, realistic shooting stars and blue clouds swirl by.

The Laser Cosmos utilises the combined qualities of pin sharp lasers with the 3 dimensional projections of holographic technologies.

It's difficult to convey the sense of physical space and depth that this combination magically creates. Some stars seem physically close while others appear to belong in distant galaxies thousands of miles away.

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So what do I get with the Laser Cosmos?

The Laser Cosmos gadget facts

Couldn't be much simpler to set up, just plug it in, flick the switch and your Laser stars will be lighting up the room. Here's a breakdown of what's inside.

  • Each Laser Cosmos comes with two lenses the green Laser Stars lens and the blue lens that projects optional clouds.
  • You can also manipulate the cloud brightness.
  • Stars Projector tilts to all angles.
  • The lens can focus itself without input.
  • Recmommended for 8 year olds and above.
  • Comes with a UK mains adaptor.
  • Laser Cosmos size: 29cm x 25cm x 20cm

This is a great gift for children and adults alike, no matter what age you are it's hard not to get swept up in that outer space feeling while the blue nebulae swirls around and the shooting stars dart off to far and distant galaxies. It really does look and feel magically real.

Laser Cosmos

Laser Cosmos Projector

Laser Cosmos Video

The Laser Stars Projector caught on film by Find Me A Gift

Watch this video of the Laser Cosmos in action brought to you by Find Me A Gift.

You can see the variety of effects the Laser Cosmos creates by mixing the laser stars with the amazingly real blue cloud effect.

There's no sound on the video so turn up your iTunes instead!

A Galaxy Far Far Away...

Brought to your home, bar or club

You can easily wall mount the Laser Cosmos by using the built in slots or just have it standing on its base.

The perfect gadget for unwinding, it's not surprising the Laser Cosmos is being picked up by nightclubs and chill out zones as the perfect accompiniment to music that takes you to a quieter place.

Still not convinced it's as amazing as it sounds? Why not take a peek at what I Want One Of Those customers and Find Me A Gift customers are saying about the most unique gadget to come this way for a very long time.

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