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Charmed Series

Charmed Complete Series 1-8

DVD Release Date - 7th September, 2009

The Charmed Magic Chest box set featured below is in short supply now as it gets discontinued at more and more retailers. Thankfully a new Charmed DVD Collection has been created to take its place.

What's in The Box?

This Charmed Collection contains Seasons 1-8 of the series as well as the original unaired pilot and 7 featurettes that give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes when filming Charmed.

Charmed Charmed DVDs
Better value at half the price of the previous Charmed Complete Collection so a more accessible price to Charmed fans.

Use the link below to compare prices using our comparison search for the Charmed Seasosn 1-8 complete DVD box set.

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Charmed Complete Box Set

Charmed Seasons 1-8 - Complete Collection

DVD Release Date - 5th March 2007

Watch the complete collection of the beautiful Halliwell sisters in style with the ultimate addition to any DVD and Charmed fans collection; an enchanting and magical series in a fittingly extravagent package. Opening the lid reveals all 8 series including the previously unreleased emotional 8th season.

  • Complete Seasons 1-8 on 36 discs
  • Supplied in a unique 'Magic Chest' box set with engraved brass plaque with 'Charmed' logo
  • The Charmed box set made of real wood with leather handle effect and a red velvet interior
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Heroes & Villains, Modern Men
  • Includes the previously unreleased Season 8 box set!
  • Height 23cm x width 28.5cm x 22.5cm depth

Update: May, 2009: Charmed Complete Chest discontinued - use link below to compare prices for the individual season box sets instead.

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Charmed Complete Box Set