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Now closed: We recommend Quidco instead!

From the makers of DVD Collections comes a brand new cashback site!

Get £5 for free for joining, £5 for every friend you refer and enter lots of exclusive prize draws once you're a member!

Sure there's quite a few cashback sites out there already but there was quite few DVD sites around when we started DVD Collections.

We thought we could add something different to the UK cashback world so we teamed up with eDealsUK to bring you SaveSpy.

Once we have enough members at SaveSpy Cashback we can redesign the site in more of a DVD Collections style so you can feel right at home!

The SaveSpy Cashback Twist

SaveSpyWhat we'll be doing differently is we'll be rewarding our most active members with prizes, running competitions for every Savespy member to enter and keeping you up to date with the latest offers in with the SaveSpy blog.

SaveSpy Cashback - In a nutshell

Cashback Shopping & Premium Bonds
SaveSpySo SaveSpy Cashback will be like a mix of your usual internet cashback site crossed with what it's like to own premium bonds.

You save on your internet shopping plus you also get extra cashback rewards from time to time as you win prizes and the more you use SaveSpy to shop the more chances you'll have of winning too.

A Great Site For DVD Collections members
SaveSpyWith all we know about DVDs many of our prizes on SaveSpy will be DVDs so to be in with a chance of winning some more then just sign up below.

Hope to see you there, there's plenty more to come from SaveSpy so get in early to be their first!

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How Cashback Shopping Works
When you click on a link from SaveSpy and buy a product at one of the shops then that shop gives SaveSpy a commission.

Half of that commision will go direct to you and the other half is shared between eDealsUK and us.

We'll be using our share to pay for your prizes, pay for the upkeep of SaveSpy and if there's any left over then it will go towards DVD Collections which means a better DVD Collections & more chances to win DVDs here too!

The SaveSpy Cashback, Competitions & Offers Blog
SaveSpy Blog

The SaveSpy Cashback blog will be a fun way to find out about the latest cashback offers, discount codes, competitions and the latest bargains.

What's different about this cash back blog is that it's not written by a human but by an wise old owl otherwise known as SaveSpy.

It's a world's first in cashback shopping and animal history, so click below to be part of it!

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