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    • CommentAuthoreldonion
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2017

    I really enjoyed the Poirot collection so i thought i'd try the Miss Marple collection
    Various versions are available, but having read the reviews i thought i would start with the TV adaptions starring Joan Hickson

    This is a delightful series that i picked up from Amazon for around 30 pounds
    Here is an amazon review

    This BBC Miss Marple DVD set starring Joan Hickson replaces the previous 'novel book' Miss Marple Collection: twelve DVD Box BBC set, being the same DVDs repackaged in a more robust box. As mentioned by other reviewers, but worth repeating, if you read Agatha Christie's books Joan Hickson was Miss Marple. Every nuance of her performance is perfect, even down to clearing her throat before answering the phone. The investigating policemen also shine, i.e. Inspector Craddock, superbly played by John Castle, and Inspector ('nutty?') Slack, equally superbly played by David Horovitch really are a joy to watch. In fact most of the clever wry humour of this series derives from the interactions between Miss Marple and the police, as wisely the murderers and victims play it very dark and straight. The complete series is a joy to watch, achieving almost Miss Marple perfection, even down to the theme tune. My personal fave episode is 'Nemesis'. Despite Miss Marple being her favourite character, Agatha Christie only wrote these 12 novels, although there are twenty Miss Marple short stories as well. The 12 feature length adaptations in this collection are: 'The Body in the Library', 'The Moving Finger', 'A Murder Is Announced', 'A Pocketful of Rye', 'The Murder at the Vicarage', 'Sleeping Murder', 'At Bertram's Hotel', 'Nemesis', '4.50 from Paddington', 'A Caribbean Mystery', 'They Do It With Mirrors' and 'The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side'.

    • CommentAuthorVoltaire53
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2017

    Agreed; Joan is the best Miss Marple I have seen - watch out for price drops on this set as they are rare... presently cheapest is about £31 from Base (£35 at Amazon) but I got it from Amazon in November 2015 for £27... and worth every penny!