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    • CommentAuthoreldonion
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2013

    I bought Series 1 over a year ago.
    I have some many unwatched DVD's that it has taken this long to find the time to start to watch it. Was it worth the wait

    This is perhaps the best hidden gem that i have watched in a few years!

    The acting is superb and with the very unexpected twists and turns, it very much reminds me of the style of Dexter were you just never quite know what is going to happen next

    One advantage of waiting this ling is that the price of the series has dropped substantially
    series 1 and 2 can now be picked up for 5.25 each.

    or you could get all 3 seasons produced so far for less than 20 pounds, which for my point of view is the better deal

    The only drawback is the that there are not enough episodes (Season 1 has 6 and season 2 only had 4! but the quality and storylines make up for the lack of content per series

    here are a few comments from amazon
    At our house, when we order a Luther series and it comes in the post, we have trouble not watching the whole series within a few days, max. In Series 2, Luther continues to keep you guessing as he outwits and tracks down awful villains who are usually also somehow themselves victims. The acting is tops as are the story lines. It's so well done, you even don't mind an occasional loose end or lapse in credibility. The only problem is that this series only gives us 4 programmes. If it wasn't so damned good I would award it fewer stars due to low value for money. But, for me, it's still worth 5 stars because it is so amazingly good. I just get upset when the series is over so quickly.

    And finally a review of the 3rd series

    The sublime Luther is back with this third series and is as gritty and brutal as ever. The BBC show some real guts with this programme. An outstanding production superbly written and acted.

    In essence this is no different to the plethora of cop dramas out there but the atmosphere and style that Luther exudes is immense. An urban, dark version of London full of fear. It feels grimy and realistic. There is no glossing here.

    Idris Elba is simply stunning as detective John Luther. He is immensely watchable and holds your attention every moment he is on the screen. His sometimes questionable actions and emotional reactions make him a very human and relatable character.

    There are the usual familiar faces and Alice makes a welcome return for the explosive finale.

    There could be fears that a third series would start to run out steam. Not so here. The first two episodes are perfect exercises in pure horror. You will be guaranteed to be checking under your bed at night. The second two episodes have real emotional weight and an actual feeling that you don't really know what is going to happen. All bets are off, every character is in the firing line.

    An astounding achievement and one of the best dramas the BBC has ever produced. It is a shame there are only four episodes. Looking forward to the next series already!

    • CommentAuthoreldonion
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2016

    As an update

    Series 4 is now available for pre order at 10 pounds or less.

    If you have never seen this series then it might be better to go for the complete new box set at around 20 pounds (Also pre order)

    Mind you the first 3 seasons can be picked up quite cheaply (Also it's available on netflix)
    But with the BBC changing the way it does things that might not be an option much longer