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    • CommentAuthoreldonion
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2013

    I was looking through the Guardian's list and was trying to think of some drama series that were not on the list

    The first one that sprang to mind was a series that many years ago was probably the first major role for Trevor Eve that people remember. (He played the lead role of Eddie Shoestring.)

    He has obviously moved on to other series probably the most well know is "Waking the Dead", the long running BBC TV (11 series available on DVD so far) This is a detective series based on a "cold case" police squad and is also highly recommended.

    Shoestring is quite rightly regarded by many as a true classic and has led to a wonderful career from an excellent actor.

    “Such panache and animation, such lively scripts and exciting photography… makes you pleased you succumbed to the lure of television.” The Times

    First broadcast in 1979, Shoestring became one of the most popular British private detective shows of all time, with Trevor Eve playing the dishevelled radio detective Eddie Shoestring.

    Eddie is an unconventional and unlikely private eye. In fact, with his own phone-in radio show, he's more like a troubleshooting private ear. His scruffy clothes, shaggy hairstyle and off-centre view of life offer him a clever and deceptive camouflage when he's on the crime-solving trail.

    His listener’s appeals include grisly pranks at a prep school, a missing punk rocker, and a victim of a predatory cult. Eddie’s quest for justice leads him into some dangerous scrapes - and some funny ones, in investigations full of twists and surprises.

    Disc 1: Episode 1 – Private Ear, 2 – Knock for Knock, 3 – Higher Ground
    Disc 2: 4 – An Uncertain Circle, 5 – Listen to Me, 6 – Nine Tenths of the Law
    Disc 3: 7 – The Link-Up, 8 – Stamp Duty, 9 – Find the Lady
    Disc 4: 10 – The Partnership, 11 – I’m a Believer

    Lighthearted detective series set in the West Country, about Eddie Shoestring, a radio-phone-in detective.

    The series has recently (2001) been re released by the BBC and whilst not the cheapest drama series around, for less than 10 pound it is well worth adding to a your collection

    • CommentAuthoreldonion
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2013

    Amazon are now selling this for a mouthwatering 7.75 pounds for the first season

    • CommentAuthoreldonion
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2016

    just thought i'd bring this one up again
    Base have a few copies still available of the first season for under 7 pounds. (See link above)
    Quirky and very British, it's a series that i remember fondly from earlier years