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    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2007 edited

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    Once you've become a member you'll be able to enter the weekly competitions for a chance to can win DVDs.

    As well as finding out about the latest DVD deals members have found we'll also be giving away random DVD box sets to some active users of the forum throughout the coming weeks and months.

    As we're still quite a new and small forum your chances are pretty good of winning if you post some deals yourself and participate in discussions.

    Become a Member
    Just fill out your name and email address at the link below and that should be you signed up. You don't need to wait to get a confirmation email now but be sure to use an email address that you currently use so I can get in touch if you've won a prize.

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    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2007 edited

    How to post links in the forum

    Here's a quick guide to posting links for anyone stuck.

    First of all copy the web address from your browser of the page you want to link to.

    Follow the steps in figure 1 by typing the title --> highlighting it --> clicking icon

    Then paste the web address into the pop up window. Click 'OK' and that's it!

    Note for Internet Explorer Users

    Unfortunately there's a bug using this technique in Internet Explorer and it can mess up your post. So until I can get this fixed if you're using IE then probably best to just copy and paste the link directly into your comments e.g.

    Alternatively it works fine great the Firebox Browser which you can download here:
    Firefox Browser

    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2007

    Here's how to upload pictures and add them to your comments - it's still buggy if you're using the Internet Explorer browser so maybe best to avoid in IE.

    If you're using Firefox though it works fine and here's how to do it:

    1. Once you've found the image you'd like to use (make sure it's no more than 500pixels wide - the width of this comment area) then save it to your desktop.

    2. Go to an free image hosting site like this one and browse to the image on your desktop and upload it. On the next screen it shows you how to link to the image - copy the 5th one down that says "Forum code for embedding (2)"

    3. Paste that into your comments and that should be it!

    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2008 edited

    How to post Amazon images into your posts

    Jake was asking how to use Amazon images in a post so thought I'd throw some screenshots up so you can all see how it's done here too.

    Step 1 - Download Firefox!

    Okay you don't have to but you'll thank me for it later! Everyone I know that's started using Firefox turns out preferring it to Internet Explorer so if you're not already using it then what's stopping you, it's free, less clunky and has some great features!

    get the Firefox Browser here


    Step 2 - Copy the Image Location From Amazon

    I usually just click on the Amazon link direct from our price comparison page to get to the DVD I want (opening in a new tab or window is handy so you can keep the comparison page open).

    This is where Firefox comes in handy, if you right click on the Amazon image (big or small image, up to you) then you can select 'Copy Image Location' from the pop up menu. This copies the web address of the Amazon image to your clipboard. See below for illustration.

    Internet Explorer Users: You can copy the image address by clicking on the image and selecting 'Properties' from the pop up menu. Then you have to manually copy the 'Address/URL' field from the pop up.


    Step 3 - Pasting the Image Location into your Forum Post

    So now you want to go back to your forum post and click to the place in your comments where you'd like your image to display. Now click on the image icon (3rd from right) and paste the web address of the image into the pop up box as shown below, then press 'OK'. Once you're done with your comments click the 'Add your comments' button and you should see your Amazon image in place!


    Step 4 - How to Add a Link to your Image

    Here's something else you can do if you'd like your image to be clickable to go to the DVD comparison link too. First of all copy the link to the DVD Collections comparison page of your DVD. Now highlight/select the part of your comments that contains the image (from the opening square bracket until the end bracket). Then click on the Link Icon (last one on right) and paste the link into the pop up box then press 'OK'.

    Sorted :face-cool: