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    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2007 edited

    The Complete Ripping Yarns - £7.89 delivered from Sendit.

    Seems like a good price for fans of Python with Michael Palin starring in nine half hour comedies written in partnership with fellow Python Terry Jones. More info at the BBC Ripping Yarns page.

    • Restored and remastered episodes.
    • Commentaries by Michael Palin and Terry Jones for all 9 episodes.
    • Audience laughter-free tracks.
    • Deleted Scene.
    • Stills Gallery.
    • Comic Roots: Michael Palin from 1982.
    • "Secrets" - a black comedy by Michael Palin and Terry Jones from the "Black and Blue" series unseen since 1973.
    • Michael Palin's original script PDFs.
    • Commemorative booklet.

    Tomkinson's Schooldays:
    Set in the frontier days of British education, when upper lips were stiff with cold and corporal punishment was an A-level. A savage, searing indictment of something or other.

    The Testing Of Eric Olthwaite:
    A boy becomes a man in the harsh world of the Depression. The rough tough story of folk who couldn't afford to go on the Jarrow March.

    Escape from Stalag Luft 112B:
    A tale of courage and valour behind the lines in the Kaiser's Germany. An inspiring story of camp life and a British officer who wouldn't lie down.

    Murder At Moorstones Manor:
    Hugo and Dora drive down to see Mumsie and Dadsi-pie for a long weekend in the country. But it turns out to be longer than they thought.

    Across The Andes By Frog:
    The stirring story of one man and six frogs who tried to defy the world in the greatest gamble of all.

    The Curse Of The Claw:

    The terrifying story of a man who dabbled in the dark mysteries of the Orient, and lived to tell the tale. Or did he...?

    Whinfrey's Last Case:
    Dashing, debonnaire Gerald Whinfrey saves his country twice a week. But in 1913 a German plot to start the First World War without telling anybody coincides with his holiday. Where do Whinfrey's priorities lie? Has he got any? A knockabout tale of international intrigue.

    Golden Gordon:
    A torrid tale of football fanaticism in the 1930s. Super-fan Gordon Ottershaw supports a team which hasn't won a match for six years. But worse is to come and Gordon and his bicycle clips re-united in a last desperate bid for glory and Bovril.

    Roger of the Raj:
    Roger Bartlesham comes of age in a world of eighteen-course breakfasts and twelve servants per leg. But when the Great War breaks out Roger finds himself in a world of changing values and is forced by circumstances to the most despicable act know to the British Army.

    • CommentAuthoreldonion
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2012

    Just received an e-mail from Network and one of their deals in the Best of British promotion is the set above at a new lower price of £7.34

    If you are a fan of the work by the various Monty Python stars and enjoy that type of humour then this is an excellent set at an excellent price