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UK DVD Rental - Online DVD Rentals Guide

owlHow does it work?
Surprisingly easily really. Your DVDs arrive in prepaid envelopes making the potential difficult part a breeze so all that's left is to keep your favourites list up to date...

  • Sign up for a free trial at one of the sites below.
  • Create a list of your favourite DVDs on their website.
  • They'll send you some DVDs from your list.
  • Buy some popcorn, sit back and enjoy your DVDs.
  • Send them back in the prepaid envelopes.
  • Receive a new selection of DVDs from your list.
DVD Rental

We thought we'd leave it to the experts on this one, thankfully Which completed an extensive study of Online DVD Rental Services in April and we've mixed that up with our own thoughts after trying most of them ourselves. We've narrowed it down to the following most popular DVD rental sites. Use the links below to jump down the page.

Cinema Paradiso  |  Lovefilm by Post


Cinema Paradiso   Which Report - 87%

An indie alternative to Hollywood blockbusters.

But they have the blockbusters too. Have to say that these are the guys we've used the most and no complaints from us. If you're looking for a strong selection of arthouse and world cinema then look no further.

  • Scored 87% in Which Report
  • Over 30,000 DVD Titles
  • Take out up to 5 DVDs at a time
  • Unlimited and low use monthly plans
  • No Late fees, keep as long as you want
  • Free 1st Class Delivery & Return

This service has grown and now allows customers to have access to almost every DVD available in the UK.

Sign up offer: 14 Day Free Trial

DVD RentalPrice


Lovefilm by Post   Which Report - 82%

Does big mean beautiful? In this case, yes.

Lovefilm (now owned by Amazon) is the by far the largest of the online DVD rental sites but thankfully it's also one of the easiest to use with an uncluttered and intuitive design. If getting a dvd in the post already seems too last century then there's an ever growing selection of digital downloads to buy or rent.

  • Scored 82% in Which Report
  • Over 65,000 DVD titles
  • Take out up to 3 DVDs at a time
  • UK's biggest film download site
  • Light use or unlimited monthly plans
  • No Late fees, keep as long as you want
  • Free 1st Class Delivery & Return

If we were you we'd give them a try and bag the 3 month trial offer below to see for ourselves. Highly Recommended.

Sign up offer: 30 Day Free Trial