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Avatar DVD and Blu-ray
Avatar DVD

Avatar DVD & Blu-ray

New Avatar Extended Special Editions

Pre-order Avatar on DVD & Blu-ray for November 15th Release.

Scooping up 3 Oscars and already the highest grossing film of all time, James Cameron's Avatar has rewritten cinema history.

You can make sure to get your copy of the newest Avatar Special Editions on DVD & Blu-ray containing 3 discs packed with extras.

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Avatar DVD

Avatar DVD

James Cameron's Avatar hits DVD in this single disc edition. Click below to find the best price from the top online retailers.

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Avatar Bluray

Avatar Blu-ray

This 2 disc edition features Avatar in high definition Blu-ray on one disc and a second disc with the full DVD version.

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Avatar Blu-ray Limited Edition Avatar Blu-ray & DVD Steelbook with 4 Artcards & Book

This limited edition set contains 4 Lenticular Art Cards as well as the full 203 page book.

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Avatar Blu-ray Limited Edition Avatar Blu-ray & DVD Steelbook with Artcards & Book

Not available in the shops the Avatar steelbook sets are only being sold online.

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Avatar Blu-ray Limited Edition

HMV Avatar Blu-ray & DVD Steelbook with 4 Artcards & Book

The 2 disc limited edition steel book set with Avatar guide book and 4 lenticular artcards.

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Avatar Pandora Book

Avatar Book - Pandora Field Guide

If you don't fancy buying the steelbook special edition then you could save some money by getting the book separately.

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Avatar Blu-ray and DVD Special Edition Image Gallery
Avatar Exclusive Blu-ray
The Avatar Steelbook Blu-ray Set. Click below to swap pictures.
Avatar: The Field Guide to PandoraAvatar BookAvatar ScreenshotAvatar Screenshot

Avatar Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbook Pack

One of the most hotly anticpated dvd and blu-ray releases of all time. Jame's Cameron's Avatar is sure to test your blu-ray player to it's absolute limits with incredible visuals in a world that took Cameron and his team many years to create.

The Avatar theatrical release was filmed in stereoscopic 3-D with the newly developed Fusion camera system. Though the initial Avatar DVD and Blueray releases are not in 3D there are rumours of a later release that may well bring the same 3D experince to home viewing.

For more info on all things Avatar as well as videos, art, wallpaper, games and trivia head over to the Avatar Website


What you get inside the Avatar Steelbook Set
  • The Steelbook version of Avatar is an Online Exclusive that won't be available in high street stores so get yours now before stock runs out!
  • Avatar 203 page book: The Field Guide to Pandora: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora (Film Tie in). A confidential report on the biological and social history of Pandora - activist survival guide - field notes and important data from the Resources Development Administration's xenobiological research and science labs have been put together as a guide to Pandora.
  • 4 Lenticular Art Cards
  • Includes the full-length Avatar film on Blu-ray and DVD.