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Doctor Who Series 8 DVD and Blu-ray

Dr Who Series 1-8

Buy the complete box sets of Doctor Who season 8 at our Doctor Who DVD & Blu-ray page.

We've got every season of Doctor Who on our Dr Who page so head over and compare prices to save some money on this timeless timelord series.

Dexter Complete DVD Collection

Dexter Complete Season 1-8

The entire story of Dexter on DVD. Dexter Morgan played brilliantly by Michael C. Hall has a secret life.

Best Price: £40.95
Breaking Bad Box Set

Breaking Bad Complete DVD

Every episode ever of the amazing series Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston stars in 21 disc Seasons 1-6 box set.

Best Price: £39.79
Sherlock 1-3 DVD

Sherlock Series 1-3 DVD Set

The first 3 series of the BBC's Sherlock in a 6 DVD box set. Some of the best UK drama in years.

Best Price: £14.00

Friends 15th Anniversary Complete Collection

Friends Complete Series 1-10

This new Friends 15th Anniversary Complete Collection comes with 40 discs, extended episodes & more!

Best Price: £44.99
24 Season 1-8 Box Set

24 Complete Seasons 1-8

Jack Bauer in eight adrenaline filled seasons of 24 on DVD. Also includes the feature length Redemption.

Best Price: £41.99
James Bond Box Sets

Bond Complete Collection

Keep up to date with all the latest James Bond DVD releases in our dedicated page with all 007 DVDs.

Best Price: £47.61

Lost Complete DVD Box Set

Lost Complete Collection

Marooned on a price-checking island we dutifully check the prices of the complete Lost collection every day!

Best Price: £34.29


Sopranos 1-6

Sopranos 1-6 Collection

Every episode ever of The Sopranos in this new complete collection as well as prices for the deluxe version.

Best Price: £42.99

Sex and the City Box Set

Sex & The City Seasons 1-6

Every episode ever of Sex and the City in this new 18 disc box set. Their tastes aren't cheap but the boxset is!

Best Price: £29.99

Disney DVDs

Cheap Disney Classics DVDs

Almost 100 Disney Classics, Disney Collections, Special Editions & Disney DVD Box Sets in one massive page!

Best Price: £3.99
Family Guy Seasons 1-11 Box Sets

Family Guy Seasons 1-11

The complete seasons 1-11 Family Guy box set contains a mammoth 33 discs of Stewie, Brian, Peter & co.

Best Price: £31.00

Pixar DVDs

Cheap Disney-Pixar DVDs

Lots of Pixar films at the cheapest prices on the web! Disney-Pixar Box Sets & Collector's Edition DVDs.

Best Price: £4.99

The Wire Seasons 1-5 DVD

The Wire Complete Series 1-5

The Wire has to be one of the best series to come from US shores. Get the complete collection on DVD here.

Best Price: £49.99
West Wing Box Set

Complete West Wing 1-7

43 disc box set of the 24 Emmy winning complete series. The West Wing is a true classic on DVD.

Best Price: £36.00
House DVD Box Set

House Seasons 1-6 Box Set

131 episodes of Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House in the first 6 series in this 34 disc DVD collection.

Best Price: £27.49

Scrubs Box Set

Scrubs Series 1-8 Box Set

Get all 8 seasons of Scrubs DVDs n this 24 disc collector's box set. Compare prices at dozens of shops.

Best Price: £174.08
Heroes Box Sets

Heroes 1-4 DVD Box Sets

Check our comprehensive page for cheap Heroes DVDs. Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 on DVD or Blu-ray box sets.

Best Price: £59.95
Doctor Who Box Sets

Dr Who Series 1-4 Box Set

For the first time you can get all 4 series of the new Doctor Who in one massive BBC DVD boxset.

Best Price: £37.69

Battlestar Galactica Complete DVD

Battlestar Galactica DVD 1-5

The Battlestar Galactica Complete Series box set is a collection to savour. A sci-fi DVD classic boxset.

Best Price: £29.99
Prison Break 1-4 DVD Box Sets

Prison Break 1-4 Box Set

All the Prison Break DVDs rounded up into one escape proof boxset. Compare prices for cheap dvds.

Best Price: £22.99
Only Fools And Horses Complete Collection

Only Fools & Horses 1-7

Del Boy & Rodney always knew where to find cheap dvds, get every episode plus the Christmas Specials.

Best Price: £36.99

Flip Mino HD and Ultra HD Camcorders

Flip Mino HD & Ultra HD

Compare prices for the amazing new high definition pocket camcorders - the Flip MinoHD and Flip UltraHD.

Best Price: £59.95
Laser Cosmos Stars Projector

Laser Cosmos Stars Projector

So it's not a DVD but the Laser Cosmos is the most amazing gadget we've seen for ages so it's allowed!

Best Price: £85.99
Zorbing for Two

Sphereing - Zorbing Prices

Visit our new site for Sphereing and Zorbing prices and offers. The most fun you can have without a DVD!

Best Price: £27.00

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